Team Building

We like to focus on teamwork and have developed several puzzles to promote it.  We provide an experience that rewards good interaction and communication with immediate results.  Our puzzles have a variety of styles of solutions, and your group can achieve better times as they utilize their different skills, talents, and thought processes to solve each and every task.  Learning how to work together on a deadline, articulating your process by highlighting possible solutions, and completing those tasks is a great way to start building better teams and friendships while highlighting varied skills and strengths.

Duration: 1 to 3 hours

We open our facility to for special use Monday through Thursday, by appointment only. We have a space to explain the process of escape rooms, give a speech to highlight some specific skills that will be employed, and have a question and answer time to celebrate wins, strengths and weaknesses at the conclusion.

We offer these packages in two forms



(12 - 20 Participants, ~1.5 Hours)

Each room will be filled with up to 10 participants. They will race against the clock, and against each others time. A fun way to get to know your group better but have limited time.

Double/Quad Feature

(12 - 40 Participants ~ 2.5 Hours)

Each room will be filled with up to 10 participants. They will race Head-toHead, then switch rooms, or switch out 2 other groups for a quad feature. This is a great way to reinforce the strengths and develop those weaknesses for the double feature. The impact of using those skills immediately, dramatically increases the chance for success.  While the quad feature allows bringing even larger groups together.